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Friends of pho envisions a journey unravelling flavor. Spread your wings and take a flavorful fly with us.

Friends of Pho is one of the best multi-cuisine restaurants you can find in Chinar Park, Kolkata. Traveling places is confined to people by boundaries as you can't go to China when you feel like having Chinese or off to Mexico for relishing Mexican delight and the list goes on. Ever thought of savoring the authentic Chinese noodle or Italian pasta sitting in China or Italy or any other place without actually have to travel?

If Yes, then hush and rush because not only we are serving you an architectural Italy and saucy china but also a lavish Thailand, a spicy Mexico, a subtle Vietnam and dishes from more than 10 countries all in a place. The concept is as refreshing as it is intriguing, serving you a mouth-watering dish of Asian flavors with a view of cascaded souvenirs from distinct places.

about friends of pho

Our Food Menu

As an offering, the menu at Friends of Pho boasts palates from countries like Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Burma, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore.

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One of the nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.

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Festive Fiesta at Friends of Pho

Taste The Cuisine of Asia Under A Roof And Enjoy The Festive Season

On the menu: An extravagant menu including unique ala carte items comprising of duck, pork and lamb preparations will be the major highlights.