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Friends of pho envisions a journey unravelling flavor. Spread your wings and take a flavorful fly with us.

Spread across 3500 sq. Ft. Friends of pho flaunts palates from nations like Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Burma, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and many more. The interior – panels in the wall, motifs, patterns and delicate designs flaunts elements from 2-3 countries like contrasting Kokeshi dolls from Japan with the prayer wheels from Tibet. The Mini Truck Bar is the shimmery extraordinaire of friends of Pho.

Friends of Pho defines proprietor’s interpretation of Eastern Asia, that she gathered through her exotic trips. It’s not just about the food but the authentic flavor and fusion of cultural glimpses in the decor. Our vision is to set free boundaries and make our customers board this culinary flight. The vivacious combination of food, ambience, and décor is an alluring escape you would endure again and again. The remnants of each place in our memory is what makes it special and juxtaposing them in a place was truly magical.

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Friends Of Pho ensures healthy environment.

100% healthy food

Indian cuisine in a high quality healthy food.

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we provide neat and clean ambiance at Friends of Pho.

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A place where you can get healthy and home like envirnoment.